Shamanic Healing Temple, Chiang Mai


It is an ancient spiritual practice that dates back over a hundred thousand years.

Shamans are spiritual healers who see with the heart and travel between the seen and unseen realms for healing, divination and ceremony.

As I was always interested in metaphysical topics, soul development and the hidden – a gateway to the spirit world opened easily.

With the first day of formal training my soul recognized its pre-determined path and I was coming home to my true purpose.

That of a healer who practices the old ways and holds the connection to the spirit world for the benefit and healing of others.

Throughout my healing practice and training I was initiated and supported by the deities of ancient Egypt.

I have trained with the FSS (Foundation for Shamanic Studies) and graduated from the 3-year program of β€˜Advanced Shamanic Initiations & Shamanic Healing’.

My spiritual roots rest in Tibetan Buddhism and I am a certified Reiki Master.

Through offering my service, focus and intention as a Shamanic Healer, I honor my true calling.


A shamanic healing session is a ceremony. As it is custom, incense is offered and I chant, drum and rattle.

The atmosphere feels quite sacred as you are welcomed into a peaceful space and invited to leave the outside world behind.

Each healing session develops it’s unique and magical tapestry around your personal needs and is informed by what is present in your life and the challenges you may face.

Shamanic healing addresses imbalances in your energy system, in your soul and in your physical body. It aspires to restore your natural state of well-being, wholeness and clarity.

It cleanses and re-calibrates your energy field and helps to reclaim your power.

A session unfolds with a combination of healing techniques which have been handed down to us from ancient times. Not unlike an alchemical process it strips away what does not belong and illuminates your precious authentic soul.

The Shamanic Healer sees with the heart and speaks to your soul. To facilitate your healing, I connect strongly with the spirit world. I work with the medicine drum, chants, crystals and hands-on transmission of energies.

The effects of the healing are often felt right away and continue to develop and integrate over time.

Clients report that they feel lighter, more joyful, whole and experience a more positive outlook on life. They feel empowered, more connected to their souls, more authentic, perceive a new level of consciousness and are filled with peace. The world becomes a better place.

A shamanic healing ceremony is for you if you haven’t felt entirely yourself lately, not living to your fullest potential or lacking power and clarity.

You may feel drawn to explore shamanic topics or you may be curious about who your power animals are.


Shamanic Healing

A shamanic healing ceremony lasts about 2 hours. To prepare for your personal time of healing, I connect to the spirit world hours before you arrive to uncover your individual medicine. A healing session is an amalgam of energetic cleansing and restoration of life force. It may include extractions, reunion with lost parts of your soul and empowerment from animal spirits.

Shamanic Extractions

During shamanic extractions, misplaced energies and blockages that may lead to physical illnesses and dis-ease are cleared and removed from your energetic and physical body. What does not belong will be extracted and the void will be filled with desirable and delectable energy. This procedure will leave you feeling overall cleansed, lighter and ready for a fresh start.

Soul Parts Retrieval

To mend your soul, missing pieces of your soul energy will be recovered that may have been lost during traumatic experiences in your past. What is lost will be returned. This is a beautiful procedure which will leave you feeling more joyful and whole and more connected to your authentic self.

Power Animal Connection

We all enter this life with invisible supporters. Some of those are the power or totem animals. When we decide to meet and work with our power animals the connection to these spirit energies is strengthened and can bring us greater vitality. Meeting your power animals will provide you with additional energy, a sense of optimism and the perception of spiritual support.

Shamanic Journey Training

The shamanic journey is a common ritual performed by Shamanic Healers across the globe. Anyone who feels an interest can learn this and gain access to the well of wisdom that dwells within each of us to retrieve information and guidance from the spirit world.

Learn how to perform shamanic journeys, let your soul fly and explore your personal universe beyond the veil.

People who journey frequently feel spiritually more connected, energized, happy and acquire a sense of support from their interactions with the spirit world.

This training is right for you if you are curious about anything that has to do with Shamanism, if you want to enhance your spiritual practice with a new access channel or if you love energy work and if you want to experience something magical.


My name is Reena and my healing space is in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand where I offer in-person sessions.

Please, use the message form for more information and for setting an appointment.

My normal response time is within 24 hours.